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About us


Bio-Service is specialized in the various grafting techniques, in particular T-bud and Chip-bud.

In 30 years of operation, we have performed hundreds of thousands of top-grafts in most regions of Italy and abroad, and have the honour of numbering prestigious producers among our clientele.

Top-grafting a vineyard of either old or young vines has become a cost-effective operation which is easy to perform without having to uproot and replace an unsuitable cultivar.

We are able to find the best varietal or clone-replacement solution for every situation. We have the expertise to suggest the most appropriate cultivar and clone for your needs.

Unlike the cleft graft, with the technique we use there is no risk of blight or subsequent detachment due to incomplete sealing, so it is the only one which will stand up to mechanical harvesting and guarantee an equivalent lifespan to plants which have not been top-grafted.

We can field graft American rooted cuttings planted directly, using vegetative bud techniques as well.

This top-grafting technique allows us to restore vines affected by esca disease.

We guarantee technical control of sites with our personnel during the collection and storage of the scions, the preparation of the plants, the grafting and throughout the period of vegetative growth of the grafted plants. 

We choose the appropriate techniques and the best moment to take action, providing a written guarantee of a success rate of over 90%. The experience we have gained in the field enables us to obtain average success rates of 94-96%, with peaks of 98%.



Bio-Service, Monforte, Top-graft, graft
Our Team, Bio-Service, Arnulfo, Monforte, Graft, Top-graft, Vine, Viticolture
graft, top-graft, cane development, first year

Our operatives


We use highly qualified personnel who have carried out thousands of grafts employing the various techniques and on different species; only the manual dexterity acquired over years of experience makes it possible to make the perfect cuts that guarantee the complete take of the graft.

Our specialist operatives come from regions in which the grafting technique is practised frequently.

The personnel is able to assess the most appropriate technique in relation to the training system and the vigour of the plant, and to identify the point on each single plant where the graft offers the best guarantee of success.




Some references ​


Prov. Cuneo:

Gaja – Barbaresco (CN); Ceretto – Alba (CN); ​ Poderi Einaudi – Dogliani (CN); Azienda Marchesi di Gresy-Barbaresco (CN).

Prov. Asti – Alessandria:

Araldica - Castelboglione (AT); Tenuta Santa Caterina – Grazzano Badoglio (AT); Vigneti Massa – Moleale (AL); Vigneti Boveri Giacomo – Costa Vescovato (AL)

Prov. Torino – Vercelli – Novara - Biella:

Azinda Agricola Bertotto Bruno – Bibiana (TO); Azienda Agricola Barni – Brusnengo (BI); Antichi Vigneti di Cantalupo - Ghemme (NO); Terra AE srl - Pettenasco (NO);


Valle d'Aosta:

Les Cretes - Aymavilles (AO) ; Les Granges – Nus (AO); Azienda Vitivinicola Gerbelle Didier - Aymavilles (AO); Maison Agricole Teppex Manuel - Aymavilles (AO); Institut Agricole Régional – Aosta (AO)



Da Parodi – Castellaro (IM); Mammoliti – Ceriana (IM); Poggio dei gorleri – Pieve di Teco (IM)



Az. Villa - Monticelli Brusati (BS); Il Mosnel - Camignone di Passirano (BS); Marchese Adorno – Retorbido (PV); Achilli Francesco - S. Maria della Versa (PV); Achilli - Pavia (PV); ​ Neuroniagrari – San Colombano al Lambro (MI); Mirabella – Rodengo-Saiano (BS); Azienda Agricola Veano Casolo – Vigonzone (PC)


Veneto - Trentino Alto Adige:

Ferrari – Trento (TN); Tenuta Pule – San Pietro (VR); Carugate - Verona (VR); La Morosina SS - Trento (TN); Conte Emo Capodilista – Selvazzano Dentro (PD); Azienda Agricola Ca’ Rovere – Alonte (VI); Tenute Lunelli – Ravina (TN)


​Friuli Venezia Giulia:

Az. Bertoia - Arzene (PN); Azienda Agricola Col Longone – Caneva (PN)


Emilia-Romagna - Marche:

Agrimonica SS - Parma (PR); Umani Ronchi - Osimo (AN)​; Poderi Pradarolo – Varano De’ Melegari (PR); Gruppo Compagnie Areonautiche – Parma (PR)


Toscana - Umbria:

Antinori/Prunotto – Firenze (FI); Podernovo - Pisa (PI); Baraldo - Siena (SI); Isole e Olena - Barberino Val d’Elsa (FI); Tenuta la Parrina – La Parrina (GR); Tenuta Podernovo – Terricciola (PI);​ Tenuta Castelbuono – Bevagna (PG); Isole e Oleana s.r.l. – Barberino Val d’Elsa (FI); Antica Fattoria La Parrina – Albinia (GR)




Vinarstvi Mikrosvin - Mukulov (CZ); Azienda vinicola Zundel - Beride (CH); Cantine Plozza - Brusio (CH);


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