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Our Technique


The Steps:

A - Execution of the graft (June in year 1)

T-bud or C-bud technique, with buds which have been selected, treated, refrigerated and tested, guaranteeing secure, immediate bud burst.

prapartion bud, graft, top-graft, grafter, grafting
bud cutting, graft, top-graft, bud
bud inserting, top-graft, graft

B - Bud burst (June-July in year 1)

After 15 days, 70% of the buds burst and the development of the remainder is completed by the first crescent moon. 

budding, graf, top-graft
budding, graft, topgraft
shoot development, graft, topgraft, grafting

C – Shoot development (from July to September in year 1)

The grafts complete bud differentiation by July, reaching lengths of more than 1.5 metres by the end of September, and the maturing of the wood is completed by the end of October.

shoot, graft, top-graft, grafting
graft vineyad at the first year, graft, top-graft, grafting, vinyard
graft, topgraft, grafting, vine, vineyard

D - Winter pruning (February-March of the following year)

Pruning and bending of the perfectly mature cane. The canes reach the diameter and length required for pruning leaving a normal number of buds.

cane, shoot, graft, grafting, pruning, winter pruning
cane, lignified cane, pruning, winter pruning, graft, top-graft
grafted vineyard, graft, grafting, top-graft

E - Production and growth in the following year

The development of the buds is equivalent to that of a fully-active plant and production is completely in the norm.

vine, graft, top-graft, grafting
grape, second year, graft, grafting, top-graft
second year, graft, grafting, top-graft, second year, guyot

F – Integrity of the seal

The longitudinal section of the plant shows the perfect continuity between the scion and the old stock. This guarantees a normal lifespan and no future detachments (contrary to what can be found with other types of graft); this type of graft will also withstand mechanical harvesting.

vine, graft, top-graft,
vine, graft, top-graft, grafting
vegneto, vite, vino, 20 anni, innesto, sovrainnesto, innesti, sovrainnesti
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